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Vavily dress reviews

Author: Brooke Crisp

  • Review Add on:09/10/2020
  • Average Rating:

Thank you for the great support and this beautiful dress. Fast delivery!

Author: Slambridge

  • Review Add on:12/09/2020
  • Average Rating:

It is a beautiful dress! Identical to the photo, good quality of the fabric and the color is exact. For size you can use the measurement table because the measurements are correct. It was bought for the wedding ladies, we are eager to use them

Author: Abigail

  • Review Add on:13/11/2019
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After me being skeptical about the timing and sizing of the dress, it all ended up according to plan :-) I needed to get a bigger bust size to fit my waist, but I ended up getting into the dress thankfully.

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